Interior Design ideas / ART Placement #1

Interior Design ideas as Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson shares designing concepts closely held by professional designers until now….¸¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨) ¸…
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25 Comments for “Interior Design ideas / ART Placement #1”

  1. Kent Custer

    or get a gay friend to help

  2. enchantedbeauty26

    i have such a small room! i would love for u to makeover my room!

  3. V1C5TAR

    @ 1:39 whos that in that mirror lol freaked me out!

  4. reallifereslers

    I’m in agreement with the others, please give us a house tour!

  5. LightingShowroom

    Hope to see more

  6. khloe38

    So when is it appropriate to use circular wall hangings? I have a cut glass
    circular mirror over my sofa (from Target). Purchased it not knowing where
    I would put it, I just knew I loved it. I eventually just put it over my
    sofa. However, it is now the only thing hanging over my sofa and I don’t
    know what else to put with it. Do I just carry through with the design and
    add other circular mirrors or framed art?

  7. Robeson Design

    @MrsDarthDuckie That’s awesome! Good luck to you with that! RR

  8. Robeson Design

    @david2407 Perfect… unless you are 8′ tall.. in which case, your are
    would be at your eye level but no one else’s. LOL RR

  9. Jordan Sykora

    this video made me want to become an interior designer I don’t know why
    though haha also it was teh first robeson design video I ever watched and
    it gives out a lot of tips which you do in like every video, thanks! (Love
    this small series of videos) !

  10. KelseyRoxxxxxxxx

    can u give a tour of your house!? it looks amazing!

  11. Robeson Design

    @paris0aa Awweee, Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy your journey through
    our videos! Welcome board! RR

  12. trint2004

    I have a question and hope that you can answer it for me. I live in an
    apartment, and have stone walls in my living room and bedroom, I was told
    not to put holes into them. But i cant stand to look at them bare. Is there
    any tips you can give me for hanging on them. Whats a good alternative…I
    was thinking off hanging pictures using wires that hung down from the
    ceiling is this a good call or not?

  13. kandeesfan316

    LOL i def. would love it if you could come and help me fix my house.. Me
    and my best friend have decided to follow your ideas, she started
    re-decorating her bathroom and i’m gonna start with my kitchen, and we’re
    having a lot of fun, but we have no idea what we’re doing lol.. But i
    thought i’d let you know that we’re actually paying attention to our online
    teacher Rebecca. So thanks!

  14. Tristan Crawford

    You are truly just an amazing person I love your ideas and your designs. I
    can not get enough of it!

  15. Tony Wang

    what a gorgeous lady. Beautiful design.

  16. Charity Hagenaars

    What is the sticky tacky stuff? Is it the blue stuff that leaves grease
    marks on the wall or something better. I have a stairwell full of photos
    and I have a 2.5 year old and a 3.5 year old, I am constantly adjusting the

  17. MustardMonkeyLtd

    Great video, and channel ! Really inspirational 🙂

  18. Scott Robeson

    I love this video!!! I must say, you are extremely talented and I love the
    was this video was put together….may I ask, who makes your videos? Lol ;-p

  19. 167kenya

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!! You have no idea how much I appreciate
    you!!!! So glad I found you today. It is 2:15 am and I am not even tired!!!
    Too excited about all of your videos!!! :0) Thank you!!! :0)

  20. christineopal

    Your makeup on this series is SOO beautiful. You should do makeup tutorials
    for us more mature gals. maybe on your personal channel??I would like to do
    more on my eyes like you do but I feel to afraid to wear that much but it
    looks wonderful on you!

  21. christineopal

    Rebecca, You have become my favorite American Designer. I have always loved
    Candice Olson but I think you are every bit as good as she is!! I too wish
    you had your own show! Oprah really missed out when she didn’t snatch you
    up!!! Look forward to what up put up next… anything for the Holidays….
    I’ll be patient. tee hee

  22. daniel ferreira

    I absolutely LOVE your hair. Your house is great too!

  23. GetBusyLiving

    Wow! Your videos are AMAZING!!!

  24. jim robeson

    Wow Rebecca. You look so beautiful. Your home is fantastic. So fun for us
    to see. Ronda and I loved the tips and look forward to the rest in the
    series… Hope we see more of that house. You have impeccable taste!

  25. EmyGeorgia

    Anyone notice the hot toppless guy at 1:23 in mirror of bathroom(: hahah
    Awesome work though<3 xx

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